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Good news: 

Fascinating new course on offer

I am excited to be able to invite you to join a newly developed 

Integrative Postgraduate Training Course  for

teachers and practitioners of  QiGong and Shiatsu  

After over 35 years of involvement with TaiJi, QiGong, Chinese Medicine  and Shiatsu – as learner, patient, practitioner and teacher – I felt the time had come to weave  it all together and present it in its  wider context. 

The course’s  main objectives are:   

Riding the Wind

  • to bring teachers and therapists together to learn as they share their knowledge,  skill and experience 
  • to deepen  and broaden our understanding of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), its terminology and underlying philosophy
  • to explore how the paradigms and methodologies of East and West can be joined together to create the ground on which we build, with confidence, ease and expertise,  “techniques  of  the Way” that reflect our own DaoShu 道 術.  

If you have experience in any other modalities based on Chinese Medicine, you too are welcome to apply. 

Introduction Weekend in Feb 2022

First month of the year of the Tiger. 

The course is scheduled to start in March 2022, running till early 2023.

More information  can be found via the top bar or click   DaoShuPostGradCourse


Professional Shiatsu Training Course

The Shiatsu College Hastings’  Professional Shiatsu Practitioner training, certified at Level 4,  is up and running. >Our first year students  are a lovely group and we are making good progress with our newly revised integrated teaching program.  Latecomers, applying before January 2022 can still join. Catch-up tutorials are available.  

Thank you


PhD, MA Sport science and PE, CertEd, FwSS, Teacher and Course developer Shiatsu College UK, Hastings branch